Headwaters Inspired Profile: Ricky Schaede


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Inspired by the exploration of his imagination

It seems pre-ordained that Ricky Schaede would become a painter, but he could have had a career as a novelist as well. He’s always painted, but he’s also completed two novels.

Today, as a professional artist and teacher, Schaede continues his exploration and fascination with the mysteries of the universe.

“It is my hope to reconcile scientific thinking with the spiritual imagination,” said Schaede. “My goal is to provide a spiritual context for the exploration of the imagination outside of pre-established religious, new age, or metaphysical frameworks.”

By creating work which explores themes of science and spirituality concurrently, Schaede aims to bring awareness to belief systems and imagery which incorporate both elements in harmony.

Cafés and painters go together

Like many artists through the ages, Schaede’s earliest shows were in a café. As his career progressed, Schaede met other artists which led to him becoming a co-founder of Club Art, billed as an open, safe space for young people to experience and exhibit the creative arts.

Sharing the joy of art is as important as creating it

Today, teaching art has become a major part of Schaede’s artistic life. At Maggiolly Art Supplies, he’s the lead teacher for youth, and also teaches adults.

“My work is all about the imagination,” said Schaede. “I like to help others explore their imaginations through painting.”

The learning and progress continues

Recently, Schaede made two trips to Austria to study the Mische Technique with Philip Rubinov Jacobson and Mantra Cora, learning an early renaissance technique that infuses paintings with an inner light.

“Working in a group of about 30 painters from around the world, while studying under masters in a small village in the Austrian alps was another life-changing experience,” said Schaede.

From his first café showings, Schaede has now exhibited his work at the Montreal show of the Canadian Society for Art of the Imagination, at ONE Art Space in Manhattan and The Triumph of Life show at Maggiolly Art during the Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival.

Most recently, he has been creating a body of work to help find gallery representation in bigger North American centers.