Headwaters Inspired Profile: Krystal Young


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Inspired by all things wild and beautiful

Krystal Young grew up as nature-loving child in Caledon, roaming the hills in search of flowers for daisy chains and floral crowns.

So, it’s easy to see her shop Snowberry Botanicals as a natural evolution of a very artistic upbringing.

“We still forage in the wild to add to our arrangements,” said Young. “We’ll find plants like juniper, rosehip and ilex. We’re careful to take just a little and leave the rest for the animals.”

Speaking the language of flowers

Young enjoys combining wild flowers and herbs with organically grown florals from local farmers to make beautiful displays.

“We do a lot of weddings, and help brides express themselves through the flowers,” said Young. “Flowers communicate, so we spend time talking to take into consideration people’s backgrounds and preferences. For example, for a chef’s wedding, we included herbs like rosemary in the men’s boutonnieres. It was the perfect touch.”

The “shop local” movement is really strong here

Young enjoys being part of a community where shopkeepers and customers are on a first-name basis. “I feel the support I get every day,” said Young. “People go out of their way, often travel further to shop at the local stores. Businesses here support each other too. I’m always recommending restaurants and other shops to people, and they do the same for me.”

Snowberry Botanicals also holds workshops for wreath making, festive centerpieces and floral crowns. They’re held in-store and sometimes in people’s homes. It’s another way for the community to get together over flowers.

Featured in magazines and leading blogs

Snowberry Botanicals’ reputation is spreading beyond the Headwaters region thanks to their participation in editorial shoots for magazines and blogs. They’ve been featured in Vineyard Bride, Wedding Bells and twice in Elegant Wedding magazine.

“It’s nice to see our creativity in these types of publications,” said Young. “It shows that even from a small village, we can collaborate with anyone, anywhere.”