Headwaters Inspired Profile: Ann Randeraad


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Photo credit: Simon Burn


Photo credit: Simon Burn

Ann Randeraad is a stoneware and raku potter.  She is predominately self-taught. She has been responding to the draw of clay for many years now. Rich, deep colours, and carved or pressed textures evolve from her dance with clay. Her inspiration comes from her family and the endless nature on their farm and rural surroundings. Her current works include a main line of functional ware using cone 6 oxidation and a sideline of decorative raku pieces. Her pieces are influenced by the rich cultural diversity intermingled in her life and her love for the raw strength of nature itself.

Her works include simple pate bowls through to extra large salad bowls, chip ‘n dip platters, large altered platters and vessel sinks. Her raku pieces tend to include vases, planters and small plates and a newer line of sculptures.