Headwaters Inspired Profile: Andi Trepanier


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Photo credit: Simon Burn


I love the road, but I also need the calm of my Caledon studio

Andi’s music starts with a vision and then springs to life during songwriting sessions in her home studio. Once she has the basic tracks down, she begins working with members of her 9-piece band.

“I write and produce my own work,” said Andi. “I know what I want. After I have my tracks down, I work with my band to improvise sections and add their parts and input for the songs.”

For Andi, everything depends on what she believes the song needs. “Sometimes the songs are quieter and don’t need many instruments or sounds, other times, they’re bigger productions.”

Playing live lets the songs shine

Andi’s musical life is a duality. She and her band look forward to getting in front of audiences to perform and in some cases, reinterpret the songs. “One of my favorite parts of the whole process is playing live,” said Andi. “It gives us a chance to showcase the songs and the band. I come from a jazz background so I’m used to changing up songs, looking for different ways to play them.”

But after months on the road, Andi longs for the solitude of her studio. “I need the quiet time to think and write. I can be very happy alone. That’s what it takes for me to write.”

A song for Caledon

Living in Caledon and living on the road inspired Andi to write Half Home. The song starts, “I’m driving on Albion going about one ten wearing my coca cola shirt again…”, and later, “I call on the phone just to reach a busy tone, I call on the phone and hope that somebody’s home…”

An album and then more touring

Based on the enthusiastic reception to her recent EP and follow-up singles, Andi is back in the studio working on a full-length album.

“The most important thing for me is that I make art that pleases me,” said Andi. “I’m not concerned about charts or trends. If I don’t like it, the joy is gone.”

Judging from the sessions, there’s plenty of joy in those tracks. Pretty soon, it will time to hit the road and share that joy with fans.