Headwaters Inspired Profile: Amber Swidersky


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Photo credit: Simon Burn


Inspired by the flowers we grow naturally

For years Amber Swidersky worked in a corporate job in the animal feed industry, but in the back of her mind, she was always thinking “flowers”.

In 2017, she made the leap from growing flowers for her own enjoyment to making it a business with the Petals Flower Company.

“My husband and I are first-generation farmers. Today, it’s cattle, sheep and one acre of flowers,” said Swidersky. “I’m having so much fun selling flowers at the market, holding workshops on the farm and spreading the joy of flowers wherever I can. Today, I grow over 40 varieties of annual flowers, 30 varieties of perennials and about 10 varieties of greens.”

“Here, I can grow heirloom varieties which you won’t find from the commercial growers,” said Swidersky. “Also, we grow everything with natural fertilizers and pest management practices. You can put our flowers on the table near your food and not worry. We also have workshops where we make flower crowns that people wear, so it’s nice to know they’re all natural.”

For Swidersky, Petals gives her the opportunity to be inspired by flowers and to run the business her way. The workshops held in the studio are a fun and interactive way for flower lovers to get to know their blooms better and create unique arrangements.

Petals also provides everyday flowers (birthday, anniversary, sympathy deliveries and funeral services) as well as a popular flower subscription service for regular delivery of freshly cut florals.

First call for local brides

Weddings are a big part of Swidersky’s business. For brides, a visit to the flower studio gives them an opportunity for unique garden-inspired arrangements and to get really creative with their flowers.

“Flowers have a language and I think, whether people realize it or not, they’re aware of that,” said Swidersky. “They can sense the joy and the passion and that’s what makes it worthwhile for me.”

What’s better than farm-fresh flowers?

Just like fruit and vegetables, freshness is important for flowers. “From my experience, fresh flowers are more fragrant and often live longer,” said Swidersky. “Dufferin County grows beautiful blooms and I think more people should have more flowers more often.”