Headwaters Writer’s Guild

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Each meeting has a designated leader, determined in advance. A member can request to be added to the leadership rotation after 6 month’s membership.

At the beginning of the meeting the leader will ask if there is any business to be discussed. After the business is discussed, anyone who has brought something with them to read will do so. Suggested 5-minute time limit, 10-minutes maximum with members’ approval. Members are free to give positive feedback.

The leader will have writing prompts for the group. These can be in the form of prompts on a page, pictures, objects, or any other creative idea the leader feels will motivate and inspire the group members. The leader determines how much time will be given to write.

After writing everyone may read their writing to the group. Members have the option of passing if they do not feel comfortable sharing what they have written. The next meeting will be announced at the conclusion of the meeting.